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August 2023: Historic Opportunity Created by Short Duration Bond Yields

  • We see opportunity as US Treasury yields are highest in over 10 years; we also see value in spread sectors.

May 2023: Debt Ceiling Scenarios

  • We see the risks to the negotiations skewed toward a relatively benign outcome, but believe that the upside/downside to risk/markets is skewed negatively. See our views in this article on various debt ceiling scenarios and how we're positioned.

October 2022: Short Maturity Bonds - The Glass is More Than Half Full

  • Given the current market and economic backdrop, which can fairly be characterized by uncertainty, geopolitical instability and rising recession odds, short duration bonds offer a wealth of opportunities.

September 2021: The Transitory Debate Continues

  • Our take on the latest CPI print, in pictures.

March 2021: What Exactly is Priced into TIPS?

  • Given the importance that the inflation outlook has on the monetary policy outlook and on financial markets more broadly, it’s important to understand exactly what TIPS prices are telling us.

February 2021: Copper is a Green Metal, not the Red Metal

  • Public demand for products and services that help reverse climate change is unquestionably admirable, and perhaps a defining social movement for the next few decades. For corporations, there will be many challenges, especially as green pledges come face-to-face with the realities of their supply chains, including for commodities like copper.

February 2021: Inflation: When Should We Worry?

  • Thanks in part to an expected recovery in inflation, the Fed will grapple with the decision of when to taper their asset purchases – possibly as soon as later this year.

January 2021:  SPAC-Mania is Here! Are There Implications for the Broader Markets?

  • SPAC Formation has Exploded - How Important is this Trend?

December 2020: Opportunities in Credit - Looking Through All-Time Tights

  • Compelling Opportunities Remain in Certain Sectors and Fallen Angels

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